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Celina Lina @celinamusicsite
Upload Date: Dec 31, 2013
Total Views: 243244

B.o.B spoke with VladTV about the pop culture icon that is Miley Cyrus, and the effect that her sexually provocative acts at the VMAs had on the public eye. B.o.B began by addressing whether or not he considers Miley's cheekto be a "down South booty" and then transitioned to the topic of butt shots. While Lil Duval previously stated that he prefers a fake booty to a natural flat one in a previous VladTV interview, B.o.B would rather have something more natural. "I just want that softness," he stated as he expressed his opinions on the downsides of fake cakes. He finished by talking about Miley twerking at award shows and how he respects her for having the nerve to do it.


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