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Talks Defending Smack Legacy Against Slander
Upload Date: Jan 11, 2014
Total Views: 241037

Norbes and Hynaken spoke with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about remaining loyal to Smack before the URL even began. Norbes and Hynaken both reflected on how Smack used to receive slander, but Norbes always remained loyal to him, knowing that big things were on the horizon for them down the road.   He also addressed people throwing his name out in negative ways and how he doesn't let that affect him, and he specifically reflected on the Hitman Holla situation.  They both joked about the seemingly calm Beasley actually being a serious threat when pushed to his limit, and Hynaken recalled a time when Norbes and Beasley got into a physical altercation in Harlem.   The topic of "Battle Rap Boxing" also came up, but Hynaken doesn't think too many of the rappers are built to take punches for real.   Norbes then shared his thoughts on the fight that occurred last month between John John Da Don and Hollow Da Don, and how he partially felt responsible for it.


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